I Can`t Control Myself

The Troggs
Key: D
1. Oh no! Bababababa babababa, bababababa babababa.
    I can`t sit still, `cause you got me going, baba.......
    your slacks are low and your hips are showing, baba.....  .
       G                                     A
    I take you, girl, as you`re standing there,
             G                                A
    your low-cut slacks and your long black hair,
        G                                A
    I want you going out with  no one else,
                           G                  A
    `cause when I`m with you I can`t control myself.
2. The dance is done and you got me shaking, ba ba........
    you`ve got me so that my nerves are breaking, baba....  .
         G                           A
    If you knew me like I know you, girl,
                 G                             A
    your knees would bend and your hair would curl,
              G                         A
    you make me move, yeah, like no one else,
                      G                     A
    and when I`m with you I can`t control myself.
          I`ve got this feeling that`s inside of me,
          it makes me think of how things used to be.
      G                        A              G              A
          It makes me feel alright,       when I`m with you at night,
                                A7        D
          and we love, and we love.     Ba ba........,       Ba ba.....l
3. You thrill me so with this big temptation, ba ba....
    this kind of feeling could move a nation, ba ba.....
     G                  A                   G                      A
    I`m ok when I`m here with you, I do the things that you want me to,
       G                          A
    I do these things for no one else, 
                G                                A
    but when   I`m   with you I can`t control myself. 
    Babababababa I can`t control myself...(rep.and fade)