Are There Any More Real Cowboys?

Neil Young
Key: A
Intro: A-D-A-D-A-A-D-A-A-E

	          A    D         A
Are there any more real cowboys
	  D	           A
left out in these hills?
	         A     D      A
Will the fire hit the iron
one more time?
	          A        D     A
And will one more dusty pick-up
	        D               A
coming rolling down the road 
	        Bm	     D  	         E
With a load of feed before the sun gets high?
	        Bm                D            E
Well i hope that working cowboy never dies

(willie sings-same chords)
Not the one who's snortin' cocaine
when the honky-tonk's all closed
but the one that prays for more rain
heaven knows
that the good feed brings the money
and the money buys the clothes
not the diamond sequins shining on TV
but the kind the working cowboy really needs


(key change to C)
	           C        F       C
Are there any more country families
	       F               C
Still working hand in hand
	       C        F   C
trying hard to stay together
and make a stand?
	          C        F                C
Well the rows and rows and rows of houses
	        F                C
come creepin' up on the land
	           Dm              F                     G
where the cattle graze and old grey barn still stands
	          Dm             F               G
Are there any more real cowboys in this land?
	          Dm             F               G
Are there any more real cowboys in this land?
END: A  D  A  D  A