Space Cowboy

Intro:   Ebm9 Fm7 Ab4/2
Verse:   Dbmaj9 - Cm7/4   - Cb7+   - Gb69    Ab11
         Db7+   - Cm7/4   - Cb7+   - Gb13    Ab11
         Dbm9   - Cbmaj9  - Ab11   - %       Eb9
Chorus:  (Eb9) Fm11 Bbm9 -     Ebm9
                    4th time begins bass riff (7 bars)
                    and then: Ebm9 Fm7 Ab11 - (Ab11)

Space Cowboy - Jamiroquai (Lyrics)

Everything is good
and brown
Oh I'm here again
With a sunshine smile upon my face
My friends
Are close at hand
And all my inhibitions
Have disappeared without a trace
I'm glad
I found
Somebody who I can rely on
This is the return
of the space cowboy
Good vibe zone
At the speed of Cheeba
We'll go deeper
Maybe I'll have to get high
Just to get by.
Everything is good
And green
Oh, I'm red again
And I don't suppose I'm coming down
I can see clearly,
So high in the sky
A man with psychedelic picture frames
Of happiness to shade
his eyes
He's glad
That he found
Somebody who
he can rely on.